Bettreggs started as a way of helping people make a better choices. Whether it's for your health, for the taste, for the feeling, or the hunger pangs! 

The story of Bettreggs starts against the background of COVID-19. With the pandemic at its peak, the creators of Bettreggs decided to provide unadulterated eggs that also taste great. Since eggs are a great source of rich nutrition and are included in the diet of almost everyone daily, they are the best way to ensure nutrition and purity for everyone with excellent taste. Thus, through Bettreggs the creators help you make the “Bettr” choice. For great health and yummy taste.


Our values


We stand for:

  • Ethical raising of birds
  • Helping increase farmers' income
  • Delivering fresh organic eggs to people

We began as a single-family farm. As we grew, we didn’t make our farm bigger – we found more like-minded farmers who put the welfare of their feathered friends first. Today, we partner with many small family farms that give the birds the outdoor lifestyle they love. 

Every cage-free egg comes from hens roaming outdoors with the freedom to forage for local grasses, succulents, and wildflowers while enjoying fresh air and sunshine.
What we feed our hens is also especially taken care of since we specialize in making bird feed that is free of pesticides, antibiotics, and synthetic yolk color.