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Herb Enriched Cage-Free Brown Eggs | 100% Organic | 30% Less Cholesterol

Herb Enriched Cage-Free Brown Eggs | 100% Organic | 30% Less Cholesterol

  • 12X More Omega 3: Promotes a healthier heart.
  • 38% More Lutein: Helps reduce eye degeneration in old age.
  • 10X More Vitamin E: Great for healthy skin and hair.
  • 6X More Vitamin D: Strengthens bones.
  • More than Twice B12: Improves nerve strength and digestive functions.
  • 25% Less Saturated Fat: Suitable for the diet conscious.

 Immunity-boosting eggs, made with the goodness of natural herbs.

  • Antibiotic-Free
  • Pesticide-Free
  • Bird-flu Free
  • No added yolk color
  • Unpolished


Best before 21 days of packaging, if stored below 21 degrees celsius. 

Bettr Eggs are absurdly fresh: Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of its receipt and will reach you within 24 hours of the eggs being laid.

We commit to our promise of delivering absurdly fresh, always.

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Why Are We The Bettr Choice?

We give you artfully curated nutrition.

Unlike other poultry farms, the hens on our farms are free-range. We do not cage them and help them go through the natural course for better nourishment.

We make sure that the hens receive only the best fodder that is full of micronutrients. The eggs from these hens are of the purest quality.

The Bettr eggs are not hatched by the hens daily. We make sure that the eggs are hatched only when the hens are ready after proper enrichment.


Laid by healthy hens that are fed: